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Lonely Attack on a Different World Wiki – A Solitary Life in Another World / Lonesome Attack on Another World (ととりぼっちの異世界攻略, Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku) is a Japanese light novel by Goji Shouji. The illustration is done by Boota up to volume 2 and from volume 3 by Saku Enomaru.

Initially, the web version was serialized from October 2016 with the title “Cheet Skill was sold out (tentative title)” to become a novelist, but in October 2017, article 14-6 of the website’s terms of use was revised. conflict with the section and the sequel is serialized from the same month in Nocturne Novels in the R18 division. The title was changed due to the publication of the book, and since January 2018 it has been published by Overlap Bunko. As of May 2022, the series’ cumulative circulation has exceeded 1.6 million.

As a media mix, the manga version that Bibi is in charge of is serialized in “Comic Gardo” (Overlap) from January 25, 2018.

Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku began as a web novel on Shousetsuka ni Narou on October 12, 2016. Overlap began publishing a revised and illustrated version of the series on January 25, 2019 under the Overlap Bunko brand.

The series is published in English under the title Loner Life in Another World by Seven Seas Entertainment under the Airship imprint from August 3, 2021.

Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku will be published digitally in English as Loner Life in Another World by Kaiten Books from March 31, 2020, and physically from August 19, 2020. It will also be published in French from Meian Publishers from November 18, 2021.


The strongest does not need cheats. Haruka, a high school student who spends his life as a “loner”, is suddenly summoned to another world with his classmates. Noticing the god in front of him, Haruka wanted to get the cheat powers by choosing whatever he wanted from the skill list to live in the other world — or so he thought, but the skills came first.

All the cheat skills were taken by my classmates?! After not being able to acquire any amazing skills, Haruka’s “loner” skill made him unable to join any party. Even in another world, he will experience an adventure in solitude. Recognizing his classmates’ crisis, Haruka decided to secretly help them without relying on cheats. He overcomes cheats as he walks the path of the strongest – – –.


It’s been a while since we last updated this blog. In that time, we’ve been hard at work on the game. Here’s a few things we’ve been working on recently: – Updated the main menu with a new background, menu bar, and icons. – Added new sprites for the first boss, the Sunfish. – Updated the main menu music. – Added an option to hide the HUD. – Added new weapons to the treasure chest. – Changed the treasure chest location to the first level. – Changed the Sunfish’s behavior to make it easier to avoid. – Fixed a bug where the game would crash if the player died. – Fixed a bug where the boss music would play in the background. – Fixed a bug where the boss sprite would show up outside of the boss area. – Fixed a bug where the treasure chest sprite would show up outside of the treasure chest area. – Fixed a bug where the boss music would play over the ending music Read More.

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